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about us

Chemipal-Brands unit is a leader in the marketing and sale of health and personal care products within the Israeli pharma market.

Our Sales & Marketing team has proven time and again how its outside the box thinking excelled in Launching new and unique products and in building entire categories from substructure to high-rise.

Innovation and creativity combined with true understanding of the Israeli consumers pave the paths to reach these consumers hearts, improving their lifestyle, wellbeing and the capturing of prime positions, brand awareness, customers loyalty and maximized sales.



Scope of Activities Managed by the Company
Orders lines per year
Square Meters Storage Capacity
Delivery vehicles
Years of strategic partnership with Super-Pharm
Leading companies represented by the company

Our philosophy

Commitment to real innovation

Focusing on quality products

USP over the competition

Deep branding


360° Marketing&SALES Solution

Strategic marketing plan

Import and regulation

Pricing and Trade


Brand Management (Adv./PR/POS)

Business development

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Market coverage

Chemipal distributes to 100% of the relevant customers in the pharmaceutical market:

health funds
Private pharmacies
pharmacy retail chains
cosmetics chains
baby stores
health food stores
food chains
medical institutions