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Chemipal is proud to exclusively execute all the logistics operations of the Super-Pharm chain

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Mr. Ram Efroni

Ram Efroni - CDSL CEO

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The unit uses advanced logistics centers that distribute almost 100% of Super-pharm’s products:


  • Center for the distribution of products of the general department at Kibbutz Eyal
  • Three logistics centers for the distribution of pharmacy products

Thanks to its experience and achievements in the field, Chemipal was chosen by the Super-Pharm chain in 2008 to become its logistic operational arm for their “General” department products, which represent about half of the chain’s activities.

The 20,000 square meters logistics center in Kibbutz Eyal and  contains advanced  logistics systems, assembles all of Super-Pharm’s “General” department products in one logistics center, and ensures their daily distribution to each one of the chain’s 276 branches, using a vehicle fleet with controlled temperatures.

In 2014, Super-Pharm chose Chemipal to run its logistic arm for the chain’s pharmacy department products, as well.

In 2020, the operations of Super Pharm’s general  products center were transferred to CDSL, which is jointly owned by Chemipal and Diplomat


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