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Chemipal Logistics Pharmaceutical Products

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about us

The Chemipal Logistics – Pharmaceutical Products unit manages, operates and oversees Chemipal’s core activities, as a national center for distributing pharmaceutical and consumer products to independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains, and medical institutions nationwide.

The division acts as a one stop shop for all logistics activities, from the moment the products arrive on-site in pallets, through integration and testing, customization for the Israeli market, storage, picking, loading, and finally dispatch to all points of sale in Israel. This process is tightly regulated,com and monitored, so that products can be delivered within 24 hours of receiving an order.

The logistics division has developed a comprehensive array for handling complex logistical requirements relating to pharmaceutical distribution, controlled by advanced technological models that include a warehouse management system (WMS) employing the FEFO method, PBV for picking management, and the POD distribution management system.

Pharmacy products are stored in an area of ​​some 7,000m2, with a temperature-controlled cold room, together with dedicated warehouses for medication, food, narcotics, and so on. The division operates a central call center to handle all customer and supplier inquiries, as well as a customer billing department.

The division provides the full range of solutions throughout the supply chain, with distribution to some 30 leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel, including Dexcel, Unipharm, Rafa, Trima, Floris, and more. It has total market coverage and maintains the highest and most stringent international standards – GMP / GDP / ISO 9001.


Scope of Activities Managed by the Company
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Orders lines per year
Square Meters Storage Capacity
Delivery vehicles
Years of strategic partnership with Super-Pharm
Leading companies represented by the company

Market coverage

Chemipal distributes to 100{e008b8b18b68ad13d16a795b2628dace1a811d67f0adec1e8f8cbe8f33d304ed} of the relevant customers in the pharmaceutical market:

 Private pharmacies
 pharmacy retail chains (Super-Pharm and New-Pharm)
health funds
medical institutions
health food stores
cosmetics chains
baby stores
food chains

our partners

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Over the years, Chemipal has developed and complete system of solutions for the entire supply chain, and consequently, it currently offers a comprehensive solution for all of its suppliers’ and customers’ needs.

Imports & Inventory

Logistical Support & Warehouses

Pharmaceutical Distribution Network


Telemarketing, Support & Customer Service

quality assurance

Chemipal is one of Israel’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the field of quality assurance in all stages of its logistical supply chain.

At Chemipal, quality is a fundamental element and constitutes a basic and material value that outlines the Company’s development direction.

Pursuant to its emphasis on quality, Chemipal has adopted the Israeli standard: ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System, in all of its fields of activity, and it operates in accordance to the European GMP/GDP standards and according to the regulatory specifications of the Ministry of Health.

The Quality System Includes:  

Standard Operating Procedures (O.P.) that meet the GMP/GDP and ISO specifications and meet standards required by global pharmaceutical companies.

  • A system of internal audits conducted by certified auditors.
  • Meeting requirements of external quality assurance controls of global pharmaceutical companies.
  • Controlled training system.
  • Documentation and control center.
  • Management of the changes control system.
  • Management of the CAPA system.
  • Suppliers’ certification.

Temperature Monitoring System

Continuous management of the monitoring and registration system, 24/7, for the warehouses, refrigerators, refrigerated rooms and distribution vehicles including immediate warning in the case of irregularities.

  • Option for computerized control of the temperature monitoring systems and presentation of the data at any given time.
  • Periodic validation and calibration for warehouse and monitoring facilities based on the
  • European GMP/GDP standards.

What Makes Us Different?

75 years of experience, meeting the highest quality assurance and regulation standards, have gained us partnerships with almost every medication manufacturer and supplier in Israel, who have chosen us as their exclusive product distributor.

200 accumulated years of partnerships with our top 10 suppliers – plus our experience serving as Super-Pharm’s exclusive logistics arm – have taught us what works and what doesn’t, and have prepared us to guarantee a smooth long term logistics operation for your company as well.


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