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For the last 75 years, Chemipal has been engaged in the distribution, sales and marketing of RX drugs, OTC medication and natural products, food supplements and health and  beauty products, primarily sold at pharmacies, retail pharmacy chains and medical institutions in Israel. Within Israel's pharmacy services field, the Gal family is synonymous with experience, expertise, professionalism, honesty, and integrity – the core values that have guided Chemipal since its earliest days.

Chemipal conducts its diverse activities via 3 main Units:

Chemipal Logistics – Pharmaceutical Products 

This Unit is a one stop shop for all of Chemipal’s Pharmaceutical logistics operations, providing comprehensive solutions throughout the entire supply chain, together with distribution for some 30 leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel. Chemipal has full nationwide coverage and adheres to the highest, most stringent international standards – GMP / GDP / ISO 9001.

Chemipal Marketing – Healthcare Products

A leader in the marketing and sale of healthcare products within the Israeli pharmaceutical market. Today, this division represents a range of international companies, and stands at the forefront of the Israeli market in its categories – infants, medical devices, healthcare, and natural products.

Chemipal Super-Logistics

This units operates as the exclusive logistics arm of Israel’s leading retail pharmacy chain, Super-Pharm. The division operates two advanced, centrally-located logistics centers: a pharmaceutical distribution center in Netanya and another distribution center for general products in Rosh HaAyin.

The company’s accounting firm over the years is Ernst & Young.

*- Measuring logistics units


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Yehuda Gal appointed Managing Director of the company and leverages it forward by creating deep connections of strategic partnerships with customers or suppliers.


Bea Goldstein passes away and the Gal family becomes 100{e008b8b18b68ad13d16a795b2628dace1a811d67f0adec1e8f8cbe8f33d304ed} owners of the Company’s shares.


Eitan Gal is appointed as the Company CEO and leads it to continuous growth both in terms of the scope of its suppliers and the scope of the products represented by Chemipal.


Chemipal moves to its new building in Netanya, which eventually transfers to its ownership.


Chemipal acquires Pharma-Guri, which specializes in the marketing of natural products.

Yehuda Gal passes away.


Chemipal was selected by Superpharm Ltd. to establish and manage its logistical center in the Lev Ha’aretz Industrial Park, and Chemipal is expected to double its activity volume in the coming years.


Michaela Gal, whom accompanied the company since its establishment and was its main share holders, passed away.


The volume of operations managed by the company is about $ 1 billion, and in terms of units, the company is one of the largest logistics companies in Israel and is much larger than all other companies in the relevant market.

Chemipal is again a private company

   Chemipal was established by Bea Goldstein (Michaela Gal’s aunt) as a pharmaceutical distribution company working with the private pharmacy market in Israel. The source of the name Chemipal is derived from the combination of the names ‘chemicals’ and ‘Palestine’.


Eitan Gal, the son of Yehuda Gal, joins the Company and brings with him a young team of managers. The scope of sales at that time reached $2 million.


Chemipal’s circle of distribution expands to extend national distribution to all the pharmaceutical market’s customers.


Chemipal established its marketing division and launched the Avent baby product brand.


Chemipal goes public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.


   Chemipal is divided into divisions that are operated as separate profit units, a logistics division, marketing division and finance division.


   Superpharm’s logistical center begins operation.


Chemipal won an additional tender to manage Super-Pharm’s pharmaceutical logistics center.


Our Core Values

From its inception, Chemipal has based its business and organizational growth on core values and a management philosophy which position people and quality as the central focus. The connection between the human


The supplier is a primary customer

Quality, consistent and flexible service

Work environment serves as a second home and family for the employees.

Loyalty to quality products

Pioneering, innovation and creativity

Continual development that creates a controlled revolution.


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